Thoughts on Blue Chip Stocks

So, the term ‘blue chip stock’ is used contemporarily to mean tech sector and shit. Before it meant ‘reputable companies’ and ‘well recognized’ shits;

My thought on the matter, is that the term itself has been used since the early 1900’s, so it predates tech sector shit. It’s not about Blue Micro Chips or Blue Tech and Microprocessor Chips.

You know what else has blue chips? Poker and Casinos.

In Conclusion,

Wall Street is just a Casino, and Blue Chip Stocks are just another word for placing bets.

I mean, risk management departments are managing what? Risks. Duh.

Bets are all about risks.

It’s a Gambling Degen Den in the Stonk Market.

In Closing,

I stand by my statement.

Wall Streeters and Finance bros will tout their horn as if they’ve just discovered sliced bread, and they’ll try to sound sophisticated in what they do. Partly out of pride, some parts ego, some parts stupidity.

It’s just a more convoluted system, and if you don’t think the House is rigging the bets in their favor, then I got a bridge to sell you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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