Putting the L in Lord

Here’s Lord Elon Musk with a controversial take;

Yea, so some background. France is rioting as fuck because some assholes decide to up the Retirement age without using the democratic process, resulting in rioting rightfully so.

And that somehow made the rounds on the internet and some rich billionaire decided to chime in with their negative two cents.

And that’s pretty laughable.

In an ideal utopian society,

We would be working on ways to raise wages for all.

To minimize centralization of wealth and taxes, and to maximize decentralized crowdfunding and the arts.

To increase livingry and joy.

To build abundance and limit scarcity.

To up our life span and standards of living.

We would also be trying to maximize our freetime.

To minimize labor, maintenance, and cleaning using our machines and tools.

AND most importantly, we would be lowering the retirement age, not raising it.

I want a future where you work for maybe five years tops, and then retire for ten plus years while modern medicine and breakthroughs allow us to advance our age and living standards. That way there’s a cool cycle of enrichment where you’re only in the work force for a small amount, enjoy life, and then you can choose to re-enter for another round. Maybe, it’s a loose idea.

Eventually we should get to a point where Jobs should be optional. And technology has allowed it to be so. We’re just pretty retarded so we don’t have that yet, even though we have the means to make it very close to happening.

Ask yourself, Imperial, are your ancestors smiling upon you with your nuts and figs? Or lest ye invite in the Artificial intelligence yet your substandard quality of life remain?

In Closing,

Because the existence of a shittier world exist, that implies the opposite to be true. Dualism 101.

There is an idea for a better world, maybe not a grand utopia, but a better world.

And we should, dare I say, strive for it.

It’s logical if you think about it.

Instead of doing backwards math and increasing indentured servitude years by upping retirement age.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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