I’ve got a Bridge to sell you

A Very famous saying, as a way to say someone is gullible, stupid, easy over, smooth brained, or just plain easy to con.

So, the story behind the saying “I’ve got a bridge to sell you” comes from a real life conman that literally sold bridges to people.

Bridges that were already built, and he said he needed some cash advance to help with the finances or some shit, and spit out that it was an investment opportunity. Telling suckers that they could charge a toll and easily make back their money.

This guy, real huckster, sold the bridges multiple times.

This was before the internet, so he was probably like ‘hush hush’, ‘don’t tell anyone’, or maybe the counter strategy, ‘if you know anyone who has the money and are looking for a profitable venture, send them my way’. Or the two birds and one stone upsell, ‘if you and your friends can raise enough starting capital, we can do business’.


I’m talking about this O.G.

George C. Parker

He sold the Brooklyn bridge several times over.

He even did some other scams; “In addition to his Brooklyn Bridge scam, other public landmarks he incorporated into his scams included the original Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grant’s Tomb and the Statue of Liberty.”

Imagine that, convincing a sucker that they could invest into the Statue of Liberty -or any state owned landmark.

It’s like Fruit grows on trees, just as marky mark shmuck suckers become graphically rendered on the street.

Eventually though, like all good things- it came to an end.

When he got locked up and thrown in Sing Sing for his Hucksterberry adventures,

“Parker is remembered as one of the most successful con men in the history of the United States, as well as one of history’s most talented hoaxers.”

(Said in a happy tone with a smile for you *Boston Accent* Artistic folks)
Rest In Peace you slimey Son-of-a-bitch, congratulations and fuck-ah you.

In Closing,

Man, some one was really out there selling fucking Bridges to people.

Bridges that they had no business even selling.

And this person did it like 100+ times.

What the fuck is stopping you from selling something real?

This Mother Hucker sold fucking State Bridges. You really going to let a dead guy one up you in life?

Git you sum of dat Crack Head energy in ya.

*Smacking the back of my hand*
Sales, people, sales.

Be better.

Start Selling

Just uh, not bridges

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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