A Throwaway post on Price Model analysis, and Back testing

This is a throwaway post. Consider it some Napkin idea that you can take if you want. This is going to be more of a ramble and won’t excite you unless your into Physics, math, and Quant shit.

If you understand Quantum mechanics and Wave mechanics and Wave Guides-

You could create a pricing model for the action of a priceline based on actors and ripples using Wave Mechanics and Wave Theory. A bunch of nerd talk to say, look at fluid do thing, watch ripple in pond. A price line sort of follows a side profile of waves based on interaction. Sort of.

It would definitely be competitive of that of the Candles and whatever rudimentary astrologically charged apophenia that people trade off of.

So yea, make an algorithm, chart it with trade orders, and you could in theory predict future trends, and then account for desirability of actors, and you’ll have a pretty neat model after some serious testing.

Most models are shit, but atleast this one sounds cool. Like it’s backed by ‘wave mechanics’. lmao.

But that’s just me shooting from the hip.

You could also, create a model where price is charted on a four or five dimensional axis with variable time, to create a visual heat map of value. But that’s too high level thinking, and then you’ll eventually start playing god. So don’t do that.

On Backtesting;

A lot of suckers and losers forward test their models, but they don’t properly back test em. When I mean properly, I mean not just checking our timeline for historical accuracy. But creating a future prediction from your models, and then backtesting the future prediction to the many possibilities of now. The many possible outcomes to result in that future prediction. You’d essentially be finding singularity points and then playing off of those for money. Point is, we don’t really think of other ‘time lines’ or ‘dimensions’ when we’re constantly stuck with our current one. Backtesting is based on our previous path, not our potential future, nor our potential adjacent positions in time/space.

So essentially, instead of just going backwards and testing our time line for predictions of the future, instead-

We go forwards into the future, and then go backwards to test other timelines. That’s proper back testing. Technically.

I understand that I drew only two adjacent timelines, and I understand you would need a lot of computing power and the proper set up to do this. So you have to be generous with your variables and be reasonable. And I understand that the future isn’t exactly a straight line, it’s a series of cascading events.

Also, the present and ‘now’ isn’t really real, it’s an illusion, but typically thinking like that isn’t going to help you hyper accumulate wealth in a regime of Capitalistic enterprise. Just sayin’.

Eventually if you get a model good at prediction, you’ll probably get your shit stolen by the feds and they’ll use your model to help predict the best possible timeline and then we have a singularity.

You’re just gambling on probabilities at this point. Which, all speculators sort of do.


Is that what you want?

Even if you could create this model, doing this type of ‘proper’ backtesting would take a fuck ton of resources. You’d have better luck inventing a time machine, entering the war with other time lords, and then creating your own little ‘sacred time line’ far away from the warring factions and other fucked up time lines. Can you even imagine how many fucked up time lines there are? One Too fucking many.

In Closing,

This was a throwaway post.

A Napkin Idea.

Nothing of substance, but to get the juices flowing.

Possibly on you, like a warm purple rain.

Whatever. Ignore. Might Delete later.

As always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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