Corporate media doesn’t like Remote Work

Remote work, affects the economy. Turns out.

And this article is geared towards more Corporations than small office bunch or freelancers. So don’t get your Jimmies in a knot.

No longer need all them office spaces nor use a whole bunch of cars. Cuts down on transportation and carbon emissions. The Office spaces go derelict and the property swindlers can’t get their economic rents and kickbacks to their private equity shareholders. Oh no, woe are the poor Commercial Land Lords being forced to sell their third mansion and spend their summers on their Yacht House.

Them Commercial REITs ain’t lookin’ too safe of a bet, huh? It’s almost like there’s No Safe -uh- Bets?

Sky Scrapers and high rises become solely and exactly what they were designed to be, ego boosting pieces of trash. Perhaps we can turn them to lived in residential buildings, that way we don’t have to charge $10,000 a month for a closet and lie that it’s a “studio”. Maybe we can house homeless people with actually affordable housing prices and rooms? Idk, shootin’ from the hip here.

And since all the office buildings empty out, that means all those businesses and storefronts that pay extra for that ‘prime’ lunchtime spot, have a huge reduction in customers.

Resulting in economic hardships and a new cost basis that doesn’t justify paying extra for that ‘prime’ spot.

So, the economy of a centralized city becomes sort of moot with this whole remote work thing. You could be stroking it in Ireland and working in New York Remotely.

That’s why the Media likes to push narratives to upsell you on shit-hot takes. Things like ‘commuting is good for you’ or ‘office culture is healthy’. Some toxic re-spun shit to corporate brainwash you into wasting more time to make it to your prison-cube and pretend to like the people around you as if they’re not trying to stab you in the back.

I mean, does it even make sense to rush back to your desk to clock in like it’s a game of tag? Shouldn’t you be paid by the work and output and not the time?

Yea. Whatever.

So Here’s some snippets of the Media shilling Corporate messages;

Fortune Magazine shilling commuting;

The Conversation;

Saying ‘Gridlock can be therapeutic’. Yea, you’re tellin’ me being stuck in traffic between strangers who can’t drive, making me look like I can’t drive, getting cursed at by someone who thinks I can’t drive, while we slowly inch towards a usual routine of soul sucking. You’re telling me that’s therapeutic? that’s supposed to be fulfilling? It’s even shittier when the AC is broken and you roll down your windows so you can get an assload of methane infused-sweat and smog from carbon emissions. Also you probably have to turn up the music to disguise your car’s problems in an effort to be in denial from having to fix your car, even though it’s got atleast negative 17 thousand miles left after replacing several bolts with bubble gum and holding your dashboard with a used five-gum wrapper.

Hell, the Corporate Media is even trying to spin getting remotely fired as the ‘Dark Side’ of remote work;

Yea, because layoffs and getting fired from email is way worst than making the commute to work, getting told to fuck off, and then having to pack sand and kick rocks in front of the other prisoners AND THEN make another commute away from work.

I would much rather prefer Text if it’s going to happen, sunshine.

Forbes is hittin’ that award winning journalism, when we’re calling Email Layoffs as ‘Dark’. Must be livin’ a kush comfortable life away from hard work and strenuous labor if you think emails are ‘Dark’. As if there’s not human trafficking or artisanal miners or some shit.

They’re even trying to make ‘remote work’ sexist;

Yea, pulling out the sex card and how it threatens equality with a ‘new study’ making Remote work a part of the patriarchy.

Cities are Hemorrhaging and arguably dying from the lack of Tax revenue and Property Revenue from remote work. That’s pretty obvious.

The Media is also (somewhat) targeting Companies and Employers;

Remember that the Commercial industry needs it too. They need workers to return to work in office cubicles that have fluorescent lights that suck your soul dry so you reason a lunch break outside the office is the only moment of respite you get. Justify eating that shit sandwich from a chain franchise where everyone else’s labor is sharecropped by their corporation too. Yea, the lies we tell ourselves to get some ‘fresh air’.

Oh, also, the Fed is blaming Remote Workers for Housing prices being jacked up apparently;

Yea, It’s definitely not because the Fed keeps fucking around with basis points and interest rates. Definitely not because of Black Rock and other Large Financial Institutions looking for places to park their cash after the Fed Printed a fuckton of money resulting in instability in the markets, treasury bonds and bills, and reverse repo shits. Yea, it’s definitely not due to the Fed themselves. . .

Yea, this innovative remote work is so great for most everyone else that the Congress is trying to ban it for government employees;

And even the Fucking US President says Remote Work needs to stop (this was in Early 2022);

I mean, to be fair, he probably got briefings on how Remote work is fucking over the economy. But that’s the type of disruption that the economy needs, to shake things up, and build a better economy through natural immunity.

By economy, I mean wealth fund managers, Wall Street Parasites, Commercial Land Lords, and typically people well connected with the Government and lobbyists. So yea, their friends. Lmao.

This whole ‘return-to-work’ is a ‘return-to-scam’;

Think about the culture, the non-existent toxic and snobby culture.

Office Buildings with shit ton of security cameras
are just a convoluted Panopticon with labyrinths for hallways.
This place is a Prison, These people aren’t your friends.
Your Death is a footnote in the Company’s Meeting Minutes.

Believe you me, if we don’t hang out outside of work, there’s no way we should hang out during work. You think I want to see you guys more? or less?

Are there downsides to remote work? Yes.

But I sort of like the current state of Work-life affairs and watching Commercial Land Lords squirm is entertaining. So I personally hope this lasts a little bit longer.

In Closing,

The reason why the Media is against remote work, is because they’re Corporate Media and they’re driven by Corporate America, Corporate Canada, And even Corporate Generic-Nation. Turns out, a good chunk of “The Money” and Corporations are multi-national. Corporate Profits pays for the media, multi-nationally too. So they will spin the narrative that helps pad the dollars of the Commercial Land Lords and various other Lords that gamble your pension funds on the Stock Market.

On a side note, what’s not mentioned here is the gig economy and the travel industry. Those things are greatly effected by Remote Work as well. Who needs to fly for a conference when you can just stream it? So Hotels and such are also affected. And the markets need to restructure themselves for the Resource allocation, which the fat cats who’ve been profiting from the current market structure, don’t want to do. Lol.

The Economy at large is being targeted
Even Black Rock is concerned

Capitalism taken to it’s extremes will have to cross through Economic Neo-Feudalism. And we’re already there seeing as Commercial Land Lords are crying about lost economic rents. Commercial Land Lords, those exist, just let your mind stew in that for a bit.

We obviously need to push away from the Feudalistic authoritarianism, and then we can worry about the alternative to Capitalism leading to Draconian Authoritarianism or Communistic Fascism, which can be equally painful. It’s a discussion of property ownership at the end of the day and I enjoy the idea of Sovereign individuals not being owned by either Corporations or Government, or worse, Both.

All I’m saying is, I’d rather save money, work comfortably at home, commute less, do my laundry, eat my own meals, babysit or take care of family, elderly and babies, and spend time with my doggo. It’s a much preferred life of privilege, and we’d all benefit if we could provide better tech to uplift everyone to an equal class standing in life.

I mean, weren’t a bunch of clowns trying to force globalization? Isn’t remote work the most ideal form of globalized labor?

Just sayin’

Also, for future predictions, the next batch of Narratives being purveyed by Corporate media is “Hybrid work”. They want to divide the people further into three categories. Remote Workers, Hybrid, and In office. Then they recoup the Hybrid to be In Office workers. Then they divide the Remote workers again. Rinse and repeat until the remote workers are either forced to resign, homeless, or make up a negligible portion of the population. It’s the natural progression of things with this specific frame, lens, or world view.

And before I let you go, I want you to know. I intentionally cherry picked all the negative Working From Home Articles. It’s to paint how easy the Color Yellow is in Uranium-Cake Journalism that I provide. I told a biased story to get you to see what I see. There are a few other articles out there, but they’re out there, from corporate media that tell the opposite story and preach for Remote Work. Maybe think next time why someone is peddling stories on the internet.


Your Welcome if you enjoyed it. Go fuck yourself if you didn’t.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Also Just Sayin’

Some people are connecting the dots and suggesting that the artificial inflation is due to Corporations striking out at Workers and the Working Class.

A Punishment for defying their masters and affecting the social order of things by moving away from Cities.

Maybe there is some merit to it, maybe not.

Them Egg prices and shit, not a good look.

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