Cigarettes are Sweet

No literally, I just found this shit out so you might want to know.

A good chunk of the commercial Cigarettes sold on the market is cured with sugar.

You’re smoking some amount of sugar and that’s probably not good for you. I mean, there’s other chemicals and shit, but molasses in the lungs sounds no bueno.

The reason I stumbled upon this, is because I was doing my usual fasting and starving, and for some reason, cigarettes were kicking me out of Ketosis.

Turns out, them bitches have sugar.

What the fuck.

Bacon is cured with sugar, cigarettes are cured with sugar, Bread has sugar, random shit has sugar in it.

Is there anything that doesn’t have sugar in fucking America?

Don’t tell me that fast furniture press wood cabinet has sugar too.

Fucking Ayyyyy

In Closing,

Sharing a new discovery because what the fuck guys? Seriously?

It’s like there’s a system out there that profits from drugging the public in sugar. They probably sell the cure for overdosing on sugar. Something like a patent on developing insulin technologies or something. What the fuck do I know.

I know I’m smoking cancer, but sugar? Like, that’s some fruity pebbles shit right there.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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