Small critique on taxes

I find it funny that you can write off the depreciation of a vehicle if you use it for business purposes.

But you can’t write off the depreciation of your daily commuter as an employee.

Isn’t it interesting that you can’t write off food expenses, for food that you need to survive, to work, but you can deduct a portion of food if it’s for business purposes.

My nigga,

My life is a business.

If you’re living and working in the societal matrix, arguably everything that you do and purchase should be a tax deduction or write off.

Most people get living situations close to their place of work, it’s not like they want to pay out the ass for a shitty one bedroom in the city to commute to their work. They do it simply to be near work to fucking work. It’s a business derived expense.

And if they live out of the city or not near their place of work, then they have to spend the money and gas to commute. Therefore technically all of your gas expenses or living expenses ought to have some sort of tax advantage. So again, people live away from work and spend money to work. It’s STILL a business derived expense.

If you don’t eat food, you’ll die, and if you die, you can’t work. Thus, wouldn’t it make sense for anything that is required to maintain your physical, mental, material, emotional, and psychological health be also job related?

Health care should then be a tax write off. Among with any other form of care. Technically speaking. If you’re not mentally sane to work, then you can’t work. Sounds like a business expense.

College itself should be a tax write off if you need a degree for a position in the work force.

With the advent rise of remote work in the technological age,

-It seems counterintuitive to build ever grander sky scrapers and shitty town homes and coffin apartments. The desolate wastelands of broken and forgotten cities are ruins that should serve as a reminder to commercial land lords that building on a river bank isn’t a safe bet. That and coupled with the urban sprawl of work life balances, it seems like society needs to rethink it’s priorities.

This only leads to people living in foreign areas to take advantage of low costs of living and tax advantages, resulting in economic refugees of both rich and poor, resulting in gentrification, and a high velocity of money impact to the local markets disrupting the ecosystems like an invasive weed.

I’m talking about you California.

I personally am Shooting off the cuff, late nights, as usual.

I just find it pretty retarded that we have to file our own taxes to guess a random number for a bunch of outdated values to pay a tax with already taxed money. With the ever changing dynamic of inflation and markets, the dinosaur of the tax system doesn’t operate under the empowerment principle of helping literally the human life. It seems geared more towards corporate welfare, incentivizing everyone to transcend their manifested birth certificates to be a full fledge Transhuman Corporation.

This system is convoluted, and wouldn’t be a problem if people weren’t suffering economic pain.

But because people are suffering economic pain, perhaps things could use some form of change?

The tax system as it stands punish people for being workers or employees. It’s pushing and incentivizing people to either be self employed contractors living their life through LLCs or homeless and out of the system.

A standard deduction of 12k or so federally doesn’t help the differences in the cost of living.

The Tax system is basically begging for people to commit fraud or avoidance or ‘expert filing’.

In Closing,

This applies to IRS agents too, they’re getting the short end of the stick as well because they are employees too.

They get paid taxed money that gets taxed and anything they buy is taxed as well. Unless they’re also gaming the system through independent contractor LLC works and shit, they’re also getting bent. Which, if they’re gaming the system as IRS agents, then I guess that’s kind of telling to their character.

The system doesn’t really make much sense, to be honest.

So what’s the better system? What’s the better option? What system would make for a better IRS agent’s life?

Riddle me that.

*Drags the Cigarette until my lips burn*

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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