Marriage is a scam

But Monogamy is not,

Alright let’s go over some made-up facts that I pulled from my quantum speed reading of the internet archives. For those of you that don’t know, quantum speed reading is me feeling the knowledge channel inside my brain. All. without. reading.

(Me, basically)

Marriages (Weddings especially) are expensive as fuck for no reason.

And I’m not even factoring in the divorce fees.

The diamond industry is a scam with artificially inflated prices for rocks.

You’ll also have to consider sending a bunch of snail mail, gifts, rehearsals, venues, photographers, props, and other shit. It adds up quite a bit.

You got sold bad pussy into thinking you need a diamond ring, an engagement ring, a dress, and some other bullshit. And if even the slightest thing is wrong, or your guests look better than your wife (or you), then you’re fucked. It’s a bunch of marketing and propaganda made people think they need Big ‘Greek’ weddings with 2700 dresses or their life is a failure. Turns out, if your life is a failure, it would still be a failure with or without the wedding. (A rose by any other failure would fail just as shitty).

People eat up so much of this propaganda, even the ‘Love’ marketing, that they turn into husks of a creature celebrating a caricature of something they misconstrue as ‘love’ and delusions of grandeur for a fairy tale ending that would better end in a Romeo and Juliet story. Yes, people become Monsters fueled by desire and the new Hubby has to attend like a man-servant to appease the anger and fury of a woman’s un-BRIDEle scorn.

I mean, what do you think a “Bride-zilla” means?

Besides having a huge emotional toll if anything goes wrong and having the entirety of life be a movie build up to this. one. moment. You know, all them fairy tale stories and movies posturing up your life to climax at the wedding night? Yea, no pressure.

Yea, here’s some average costs of weddings throughout the West;

Instead, you could, idk, spend that money on your future instead of having a glamorous celebration.

Like, I get it, weddings are ceremonial and we can talk intricacies of ceremonial magic and rituals. But none of that shit needs to cost paper money, that’s like stuffing your audience with paid actors or paper mache men. It sort of reduces or negates the efficacy of the magic. But again, I’m not here to spout nonsense on whimsical sense.

Also, as a word from the wise. If neither family shows up to a wedding and they all received invitations, then the wedding and marriage is destined to fail. It’s like common knowledge. Ceremonial magic aside.

Weddings are magic rituals in ceremonial magic to cast enchantment and bewitching spells on the parties involved with political ramifications and justifications. This mainly means you’re signing a bunch of old social contracts that are deeper than most Secular history. This means you are held to a specific role and standard in society and there are unwritten penalties for violating the undefined boundaries for your role.

Divorces happen because people keep fucking up their marriage and the contracts that they’ve signed unwittingly.

I mean, there’s a lot that goes into the whole dowry and ‘handing off the bride’ and a ‘bride’s carry’ and all sorts of stuff. There’s a lot of weird nuances, like the bride being called a bride and the Groom being called the Groom. These words, dare I say, mean things. I’m just grooming you to figure out these meanings.

But enough about magic, I’m here to talk about scams. Nothing more scammy than the state;

Marriage is a religious institution recognized by the state.

Atleast for most of western culture

That whole separation of church and state thing doesn’t really work out when religious culture is infused with non-religious culture. And the whole idea of state is based on cultural norms and values. Marriage itself is a thing of the Church -and is being managed by the State. Like, c’mon, think about it.

Marriage is some sort of cult-ritual practiced by the Sun Cults in their dogmatic religion. It’s also practiced by other cults, but that’s to talk about marriage as if it’s not a sole western idea or concept.

Yet Marriage is also licensed by the state and recognized by the government. From marriage courts to licenses to even divorce courts and registration fees. There are systems in place that actively address marriage itself. Institutional Marriage.

So, Marriage is taxed, because licenses require registration, and a registration is taxable or itself is a tax.

Fees and Taxes, enjoy more things you have to pay for in ‘society’.

But let’s go ahead and pretend that we’re working on a system that isn’t predicated on failure and arguing misnomers. Yea, let’s talk about marriage.

Where else to start talking about this thing, other than a couple centuries ago?

History of Marriage

It was political, people offered dowries and other things to pay tribute. People married for political posturing and whatnot. Things like joining houses or forging alliances with other kingdoms and such.

Then there was the religious significance. Because at some point, religion was all about power, and to get more power, it became political. So Religion got into marriage.

Introducing: Droit du seigneur, also known as jus primae noctis

Also known as Prima Nocta. You see, this translates to ‘prime night’ or ‘the first night’. Where married couples would allow the lord to bang their wife in some weird cuckery move.

Yes, this was common.

And it gets more fucked up.

Story time

So when the colonial imperialism of the British Empire (and arguably the rest of Europe) they used Prima Nocta against various native and indigenous population. You know, like Native Americans.

You know, so the story goes like this;

Pilgrims and colonists learned about corn and took over the corn industry from the natives. Then they spread their influence westward to natives who didn’t know shit about corn or were persecuted and oppressed that they barely had any land or seed.

Random European asshole: “Hear ye, Hear ye; If you convert to Christianity or whatever religion I’m supposed to espouse-, then you will be able to plant these, uh, corn seeds. If you don’t then you can’t grow corn. It’s a matter of religion, here, try”

Then that asshole gave corn seeds to Natives. He gave bags of budding and fertile corn to the Natives that converted. Then he gave bad seeds to the Natives that didn’t. You know, like a sociopath that keeps tabs on people for political reasons.

I mean, I don’t even know the difference to a budding or non-budding corn seed. So I would’ve been hella dupped.

so the Natives planted the seeds, and the non-Christians didn’t grow corn. But the Christian Natives did. So this was a power move to convert to Christianity and praise their Got.

Well, funny thing about Christianity. It also has some bullshit Prima Nocte clause in there. So as these people converted to Christianity and had marriages, a European got to sleep with the bride. They of course, in good old fashion, didn’t tell them about this.

Because it was ReLiGIoN or something.

This would effectively inseminate European roots in the blood of natives. Also, this was basically institutionalized rape.

Yea, that’s what I’ll call it.

Marriage is institutionalized rape.

In some cases atleast.

This was also a strategy to eliminate and ‘assimilate’ the native population into that of the European culture.

I mean, what did you think the term “White Washing” meant?

Another Story Time.

You know how people hate England and stuff?

That whole UK? Not so “united” kingdom?

Did you know that Ireland and Scotland didn’t really fancy the idea of being a part of the ‘UK’?

Yea, that Primae Nocte stuff I talked about, turns out, the Britts did it to them. They didn’t use the idea of religion to enforce their sex. They used the idea of feudalism and lordship;

Yea, so marriage was institutionalized cuckery.

They probably did it to the Welsch as well, seeing as Wales is also a part of the UK.

So institutionalized rape and then ‘unifying’ the countries into a ‘united kingdom’ that isn’t really united.

That’s like being forced to marry your rapist with two other raped wives.

That’s the UK my boy, glad you learned some history.

It’s like prison rules but with Countries. “Hold my pocket” -UK

You can see why Ireland, Scotland, and (probably) Wales sort of don’t like the whole ‘UK’ thing.

It’s a bit of a shameful history that doesn’t get talked much, but now you kind of know one reason why people are against it- the whole ‘UK’ thinkg.

I would probably even argue that when American Colonies had to quarter and house the British (under the Quartering acts), that the British probably did some rapey shit. Idk, that’s a theory but it’s a rather good guess. Probably a lot of reasons as to why America had a revolution.

Arranged ra- marriage

On second thought, saying the R word over and over is probably not a tact move. But, I mean, I’m not wrong though.

Those arranged marriages are selling off your daughter to some random guy who has a somewhat prospective future to hopefully give you some form of inheritance or children or some shit.

But of course, this is omitting the whole culture of infantacide that’s practiced by the old/recent Chinese Zero Population laws. You know, the ones where they don’t want daughters because then they won’t be taken care of by their non-existent son? Yea, so the man of the house grows up and takes care of their immediate father and mother, but often won’t have the desire or the resources to take care of their father-in-law or mother-in-law. So people sort of kill their babies in hopes to Gacha theimselves a son, resulting in problems.

Yea, get an SSR Gacha and you too might win the chance at a Son.
“Sex is like the lottery, more than anyone else -Latinos love it” -Anthony Jeselnik

But of course, the Chinese media and state denies this.

And also the concept of ‘true love’ as being unobtainable through arranged marriage.

In arranged Marriages, there exists a culture where love is forged through the marriage and many probably don’t ever get to realize it, that love thing. Whether love being a scam or not, there’s a lot to be said about the politicization and idea of marriage itself.

So arranged marriage itself is a scam within the subset the scam known as marriage. Scam squared.

Why Monogamy is good

Marriage may be a scam, but Monogamy isn’t necessarily so.

Well, the promiscuity of society have lead people to be hollowed out shills that cooms and are addicted to their neural synapses firing off at machinegun speeds with an extended mag perk.

In short, they’re addicted to cooming.

Simping and cuckery has denigrated their ideas of progress in any field other than simping and cuckery. That’s like an opinion, but I’d like to treat it as fact.

Technology has advanced to the point where people can get addicted to vibrators like Heroin-infused crack cocaine. Yes, people will fight tooth and nail to keep their porno. Both real, physical, digital, and virtual pornography.

The views and stigmatizations on pornography are individual and closeted in people’s subconscious. If not discussed what is and isn’t acceptable, then people tend to stress their relationships and their marriages over their undeclared boundaries for pornography.

Divorce rates are going to the moon, all in due course. This results in broken family units which means the destabilization of base family cells which make up the larger construct of the “state cell”. So arguably, society is falling apart.

Single family units are falling apart, because we don’t really have an incentive to keep them together. Except, idk, maybe keeping society together? So monogamy isn’t necessarily bad, just the laws and social constructs that enforce monogamy through ‘marriage’ are a bit. . . Idk, much? Especially if things end in divorce and you’re on your third marriage, it’s not a very hopeful life nor do you see any Disney Princesses living happily ever after their 4th marriage. It’s not talked about, and it’s becoming more of the norm.

Point is, Monogamy is good for creating the base building blocks to a society. Turns out, you need smaller things to make bigger things.

Also, do you invite the government to your bed room?

Let’s -for the sake of argument-, down play the idea of government to a stupid HOA managed by some Karens or some shit.

Do you really want the Government to manage your so called wedding?

Do you really want the government to tell you what you can and can’t do with your Dick or Pussy?

Do you really want to invite the government to the bed room?

Do you know that there are literal anti-sodomy laws that make things like blow jobs and anal illegal?

Yea, people are literal Fucking Criminals. Fucking. Criminals.


The fact that the ‘Marriage license’ exists and there’s a tax code written for Marriage itself, should raise some alarm bells. The government isn’t trying to protect you, they’re trying to ‘include’ you into the scheme of paying taxes for things you didn’t know you should be paying for because “living in a society” isn’t “a la carte”.

But hey, at least we don’t have those tax monies going into things like state sanctioned weddings or state sanctioned day cares. It’s not like the government wants to pay for something that they’re going to charge you for doing anyway.

As a side note,

If you don’t have a prenup, then you default to using the Government’s prenup based on contrived arbitrary social agreements that aren’t written in law. It’s a kangaroo clown court if I ever saw one.

SO just because you didn’t agree nor signed for a prenup, news flash, you’re in one.

That’s also not including all those costs for having a wedding and feeling like it’s official before you succumb to a midlife crisis and cheat on eachother because divorce seems like the “go-to” hot button to press. Hell, a lot of people divorce, and the majority of them are married.

But also Divorce is a scam.

Weddings, Marriage, and divorce are a scam.

Yes, I am indeed fun at parties.

In Closing

Society falls at decadence. And open sexual promiscuity that blurs the lines will have people hypersexualize themselves and realize that sex is an empty feeling that they’ll try to fill with buckets of orgasmic fluids in hopes that they’re depravity can dig them right-side up out-side their own-make bedded graves.


Some asshole is probably going to invent History Licenses, so they can control what is said about history and destroy the past. Also to stop liars and the truth from coming out. Subjectively speaking, based on the subjectivity of whatever state doctrine is entertained at the time. You know, Techno-fascists and all. So keep an eye out on the ministry of truth and the whole ‘credentials’ thing.

But uh, are Weddings and Marriages a scam?


Don’t get me wrong, existence and living is also a scam. And yet here I am.

Most of everything is a scam, and yet I partake in most everything.

Point is, just because it’s a scam doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t do it. You should just be educated and know more about what you’re going into. A Scam. That way you make less mistakes and get more enjoyment that way.

Also knowing the roles of society is important especially if you want to play in the game called ‘society’. Yea, so boundaries are important too. Learn em, and know what lines shouldn’t be crossed and you’ll have a better life whether you decide to get married or not.

Here’s my Boy Socrates with an abridged quote;

 “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” -Socrates (abridged)

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Check out that thing called a Bible.

It’s got a whole dialogue of religious rules on marriage in 1 Corinthians 7.

You know, that whole separation of Church and State doesn’t really exist.

Especially when you realize the idea of the one-ness of the universe.

And it seems most of western culture is influenced and based off of, dare I say, western religions. SO, yea. . .

Post Post Script,

This article was written in a draft 2 years ago.

Way before the ‘board of information’ came out or whatever the fuck.

Yea, that whole ministry of truth bit, it’s quite a laugh.

Bit sad when it’s real.

Post Post Post Script,

Do you know how hard it is to write satire and not be mistaken as real advice or something?

Like, holy fucking shit, It’s insanely hard to be funny online with satire when shit like this is really real and out there;

Holy fuck man. Let me explain something about satire, you need to establish a conservative base of what is expected and is the ‘norm’ to then progressively ridicule. However, with the clown world being so fucking weird, satire basically writes itself.

Reality is oft stranger than fiction.

And Satirical comics are increasingly unironic. At this point, satire might as well be tomorrow’s news.


I’ve become a prophet and I didn’t ask for this shit.

Here’s a funny meme;


Idk what the Quron says, but any husband that practices infidelity, sounds a lot like an infidel.

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