There was a Progressive Utopia that existed before 2011

Yes, I’m going to list all the initiatives and facts that we have. Then I’ll detail the downfall of this utopia,

A Utopia where Electricity was very cheap and affordable, if not Free.

Where education and healthcare was heavily discounted and practically free.

A rich country that was allegedly able to store 143 tonnes of gold AND 143 tonnes of silver.

One of the most influential countries on the Continent, let alone the world. It was eyed by the two largest superpower alliances at the time.

Had banks issuing interest free loans with zero percent interest rates BY LAW. So literally no Usury.

Homelessness was declining until it reached zero. The leader at the time vowed that everyone will get housing first before his own parents did. Many supported this regime. Housing was considered *gasp* a Human Right in this utopia.

All newly wedded couples received funds from the government to build a new house.

Basic necessities like food and water were given nearly free to all citizens.

Created a large irrigation system that was projected to supply FRESH water to the ENTIRE CONTINENT. You know, for farming drinking and overall growth of many nations outside of this utopia.

The straw that broke the camel’s back of this Utopia and pissed off ‘the globalists’ was that they tried to utilize their right to monetary sovereignty.

What country am I talking about?


Here’s a Russian video with some ‘data’;

A Translation of the video is as follow;

Living wage – 730 USD
Nurse salary – 1000 USD
New married were given gift for buying a home – 64000 USD
Gift for entrepreneur – 20000 USD
Education and healthcare were – FREE
Study and internship abroad – FREE ( fully paid by state )
Chain of stores for large families were made – with symbolic product prices
For making/producing fake medicaments/pills – Capital punishment
Home rent – there were no such…
Electricity – FREE for everyone
Sales and consumption of Alcohol was – Prohibited (yea, it’s a bit too utopian)
Mortgage and car credits were – without interest rate
Real estate services were – prohibited
Gasoline price per liter – 0.14 USD/Liter

So Libya tried printing their own money called the ‘Gold Dinar’. This would be a new currency to trade with, including buying and sell crude oil, oil, oil reserves, and oil accessories. That apparently was a mistake. After making that announcement in 2009, they got bombed.

Yea, and you know what was the first thing NATO bombed in 2011?

The Water supply system that was projected to supply fresh water to all of Africa.

It was deemed a strategic military resource, and so NATO and friends bombed the fuck out of it.

Literally the first thing they bombed.

The Downfall;

In the span of a few months, NATO invaded and destroyed Libya. Not even a year later, yet the aftermath is still felt today;

So after the overthrow of their ‘dictator’, the nation fell into lawlessness with a bunch of different factions wanting power.

There’s now open Slave markets. Yay for ‘Democracy’.

And even people think about it with a bad taste in their mouth;

Here are some pictures;

So of course, NATO believes they are the good guys in all of this. Here’s an accurate representation;

And of course, the US praised it’s intervention

I find it funny, because I don’t even have to add captions to this meme template. It’s just accurate without any extra words. Yea, an honorary Nobel Peace Prize Recipient.

Here’s some more ‘pat on the back’ and ‘good old boys’;

“The World is a better place with Ghaddafi Gone” – Mitt Romney

Like we definitely were the good guys, global force for good, totally, (sarcasm)

“We came, We Saw, he died” -Hillary Clinton as Secretary state bragging and laughing about the death of Gadaffi

There was even a Guy who leaked all of these things among many more things. That guy got hunted by hounds figuratively and got extradited and locked up. I’m talking about the Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

In 2012,

There was a comedy called the Dictator that revealed a lot of the insane propaganda. It was essentially satire much like the satire of war campaigns in the movie Starship Troopers.

In this movie, the main character plays a dictator and is cartoonishly evil. Like, an amalgamation of all dictators and propoganda campaigns to paint the most stereotypical Dictator there is. On top of making fun of political correctness by being politically accurately incorrect and painting all sorts of people from Secret Service Agents to a Radical Feminist working at a communistic co-op that provides for-all-and-no-gendered persons.

Yea, this movie is pretty gold. A lot more gold than the actual Dinar, lemme tell ya.

But some key take aways is that it was made in 2012, after a certain bombing of a certain country related to possibly this article.

And that there were some key themes in the whole thing. Like placing a body double or a paid agent to act as the new supreme leader and draft up a new constitution that spreads ‘democracy’ across the country while declaring it openly and supporting the elite club of the ‘United Nations’.

Here’s a few lines of the script;

“Uncle Tamir, Do you not remember what my saintly father made me promise him on his deathbed’? It was never to sell Wadiya’s oil. . . ”


Here’s some more lines;

“So, Wadiya will become a democracy, China is a democracy, too.”
-Mr. Lao of PetroChina

“Once that constitution is signed, I will be able to sell Wadiya’s oil rights, Gazprom, you will have control of Wadiya’s southern oil fields. B.P., you will control the north, Exxon, you will have all offshore rights, provided you do not use B.P.’s drilling rigs. And, Mr. Lao of PetroChina, you will have the lease on our shale reserves.”
-Tamir, uncle of dictator

“Some of those reserves are in densely populated areas.”
-Mr. Lao

“Then unpopulate them, after you’ve paid me my 30% finders fee, of course.”

Cartoonishly evil

Like I said, cartoonishly evil satire of global politics.

Here’s a great quote;

This constitution is nothing but a license for oil companies and foreign interests to destroy my beloved Wadiya!

Wadiya will remain a dictatorship! Oh, be quiet.
Why are you guys so anti dictators?

Imagine if America was a dictatorship.
You could let 1% of the people have all the nation’s wealth.
You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and lose.
You could ignore the needs of the poor for health care and education.
Your media would appear free but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family.
You could wiretap phones, you could torture foreign prisoners, You could have rigged elections.
You could lie about why you go to war.
You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain!
You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests.
I know this is hard for you Americans to imagine, but please try.”

-The Dictator

I love comedy, Like any great Bully knows, you gotta sprinkle some truth in the insults for that added emotional Damage. That’s what makes comedy great, they just blatantly put the truth in front of you. Lmao.

*Emotional Damage flavor sold separately

Yea, all that oil talks to destroy another country and ‘extract’ their wealth by robbing the wealth of nations under the disguise of Democracy or some other Social justice shit. And it’s a meme, a comedic trope if you will, that the world seems to care about Oil as a very finite and profitable resource.

Memes are funny when you see them as holders of truth.
If you don’t agree with the premise of a meme being a possibility, then you wouldn’t laugh.
So there’s truth in it.

If you pay attention to the Russian-Ukraine conflict, you’ll know that Russian Oil has a lot of power and helps to support Russia’s system. The reliance of another resource, natural gas, Nord Stream Pipelines resulted in some issues between Russia, Europe, and the US. So, energy and oil and all these resources definitely plays a roll in the global theater.


The destabilizing regime of US forces also lead to the Death of a US Official member as an angry mob raided the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

He was an avid EVE online player, and his last moments were recorded while playing the game.

Honored by many.

It may seem like I’m anti-US, I’m really not. I’m just not for meaningless death in vainglory.

Anyways, here’s a funny meme so you can laugh it off;

In Closing,

Yea, not a big fan of NATO or world organizations. That’s just a personal opinion.

Libya was literally doing amazing and setting a great standard for life. They were accused, maybe rightly so, of some terrible stuff.

But they were also doing good. Like literally going to provide running water for most of AFRICA, the entire fucking continent.

Obviously Global imperialists don’t want Africa to gain power. That’s why they actively make Africa a shit hole under the guise of foreign aide and ‘global support’. So we can have more Artisan Child Miners to exploit and make us more Shitty Cellphones that we dispose of every 8 months.

Well, I hope you atleast found one thing funny in this whole shit post. Life is absurd, your feelings on it is your choice.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Hey, just thought I’d shoot a universal law at you, a sort of “God Given right”.

Everyone and anyone has the technical right by universal laws, to have monetary sovereignty. To issue and accept your own form of currency.

Like if you wanted to accept stickers or trade whatever, that’s your right by birth and living and all that jazz. You want coconuts? sure. You accept blow jobs? Sure.

These laws are completely different from man-made laws. So legality issues may arise, be advised.

I’m just saying it here because it’s a pretty important thing that everyone has. This Monetary Sovereignty thing. You know, the reason that the US bombed Libya for.

Some other food for thought;

“That moment you learn that the US has killed every leader that attempted to trade oil in another currency than Americas” -Random internet comment that represents the collective subconscious psyche

Various attacks blamed on Libya and US and NATO forces around 1980s to 2000s. To include the Lockerbie bombing 1988 and West Side Berlin 1986.

US attacks Libya in 1986 in retaliation to West Side Berlin.

USSR used to be an ally with Libya, as Libya was neutral ish.

USSR dissolves in the 1990s.

US and NATO bomb Libya in 2011.

So instead of saying US bombed Libya, like they did in the past, NATO is now involved actively.

And if you plot NATO expansion east of the Berlin Wall, you’ll see that’s not a good thing.

Seeing as NATO was the counter-argument to USSR’s existence. Without the USSR, we have a pretty unbalanced NATO.

There is literally a Universal Principle of law, the ‘law of opposites’ or ‘the nature of duality’ that pervasively exists in the universe.

The yin and the yang, without the other, the other will come from within. A cosmic dance where one actually ended up winning and swallowing the other. It’ll take a bit but the resurgence and resurrection of the ideas of the USSR are coming from within. I mean, you can already see the Marxists and Leninists and various forms of homegrown Communism arise from within Colleges and Universities. You don’t have to Schizophrenically blame Russians for that. You can just literally understand that it’s a natural flow of the universe.

I’m not saying USSR was the good guys, all I’m saying is that if we were to play war long enough. There becomes a time when ONE side will be the ones with weapons and standing armies remaining. It’s sort of like a global king of the hill. So it’s going to take a collective consciousness to awaken and prevent the bullying of the remnants and Ruins of the USSR.

Was Libya the good guy? They might’ve believed themselves to be the good guys. I think the world is shades of grey and everyone is both good and bad. We can’t say for sure who is right or wrong, and after many battles it won’t even be clear to say that there was a victory for either sides. All sides do various goods and bads, it’s not really black and white.

It also doesn’t help that many parties are funding secret terror groups and other parties to create a crossweb of drama. It’s like watching a love soap opera but with Death instead of love, it’s gone from a love triangle into like a seventeenth dimensional tetrahedron. It’s all sorts of fucked.

But is Libya better? Hell the fuck no. After decimation by Western Imperialist NATO forces, Libya has turned into a shit hole. That’s a fact. That shit is black and white. No argument.

People are probably going to blame Revolutionaries and anarchists. Those are the disposable pawns that other interests use. Corporations or other Ubernational interests are gonna keep on keepin on. Sacrifice more countries and keep repeating this process.

I mean, how can you have ‘good guys’ without ‘bad guys’? Saying good implies that there is bad. So whose gunna play the boogeyman? the World LOVES a good villain.

I just hope that Julian Assange is vindicated.

Anyway, I wouldn’t bet on anything.

No Safe Bets after all.

Some more Before and After;

In case you thought 3,000 lives was worth several hundred thousand lives and ‘American Democracy’. And somehow a few rogue actors justified entire mobilization and invasion of SEVERAL COUNTRIES. Yea, so Pakistani radical extremists attack USA and that resulted in the invasion or Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, etc. etc. All of which aren’t Pakistan. . .

Rosie was right. . .


Ramadi in Iraq;

Samarra in Iraq;

How many schools and school busses were bombed ‘for democracy’?

How many Families had to starve? How many kids starved?

5,300 or so schools gone in Iraq

Was it worth it?

What about the Other Countries? What about their schools, family, and children?

Was that worth it?

As a side note;

USA built about 7,000 ish schools since 2000;

So the US has destroyed more schools than it built. . . You know, because about 5,000 schools were destroyed in one country of the five+ countries we’ve “spread Democracy” to.


Now that you saw the above weight-loss Democracy diet fad sweeping the middle east. Here’s are some Iranian photos before democracy and without the after.

It’s honestly, your typical Suburban Family lifestyle;

These are just typical people. Hell, they remind me of the Simpsons but dressed a lil different.

Next time anyone talks about going to war, look at the faces above and ask yourself;

Is it worth it?

Neo Liberalism is a Scam

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