The Term ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ is Orwellian.


Let’s get this straight.

The definition of Vaccine changed to incorporate an experimental mRNA technology to increase immunity.

The previous definition of vaccine used only weakened or dead virus to increase immune response. So there was no roundabout manipulation of mRNA through some new technology. The first polio vaccine didn’t need nanites or some fancy shit. You could probably make the first Polio vaccine with basic farm tools if you were smart enough and knew what you were doing.

So, the definition got changed and there’s a lot of concern raised on taking an experimental drug injected into the human body. That sounds reasonable.

And then the new term ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ was created.

To divide people into a middle ground, pro-vax, vaccine hesitant, and anti-vax.

Because politically, calling anyone who had critical thinking skills an anti-vaxxer would just make them even more paranoid. How dare hesitant people not blindly put their faith into some Experts like a zealous devout religious person. Trust the science as blindly as possible and just listen to random strangers speak from one end of the discussion while ignoring the silencing of all other experts on the other end of the discussion. That’s just dogma.

Seems like critical thinking might be more than a skill. Maybe some people just don’t have it?

Thus a new term was created to harbor a middle ground and become a new weapon to target. Gotta lower them ‘vaccine hesitancy’ rates by increasing the indoctrination and having more celebrities appear on TV singing and dancing while telling you how not being vaxxed is going to kill grandma.

Even though the new mRNA technology officially never stopped the spread nor prevented the spread of any disease. So with or without the new mRNA shot, you’d still kill grandma just the same.

So, yea. cool. Just know that more terms will come to the spotlight all to help gaslight the public. That’s the big takeaway.

As A side note,

The term ‘died suddenly’ is trending on Twitter.

It appears a lot more people are dying suddenly. It also appears to have been after receiving Clown Boosters.

Also, there seems to be a rise in Heart risks through doing all sorts of things.

Apparently Gardening can cause heart attacks.

sweeteners are behind the ‘spike’ in sudden deaths yet people have been using sweeteners for a long fucking time. So it can’t be logically attributed to a spike. It would be a relatively steady rate of sweetener related heart attacks. The science has been clear on these heart linked issues since like 2016, to include sugar usage as well.

So the spike? Reasonably is not from sweeteners, that claim is likely a lie.

And there is also a rise in heart attacks in young people and athletes all around the world.

Maybe this is just regular news articles and journals, or maybe there is some sort of cartoonishly nefarious conspiracy to misdirect and misinform the public on a red-herring goose chase blaming everything from the Soil on the Earth to sweeteners for the increase in heart complications that have spiked recently.

Kinda sus ngl.

Well, atleast not in ‘bulk’

In Closing,

Yea, ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ is an Orwellian term invented to make people who are concerned and critical of new drugs to sound like a bitch.

Correlation and Causation are two different things. But for the majority of people who speak like that, they don’t know the difference.

And there’s enough ‘coincidences’ that not asking the begging question is retarded. Atleast asking the question is a logical step. Is this shit connected? Where are the studies and why aren’t experts asking the questions? And if the experts are asking the questions, why are they being silenced and discredited?

Yea, good luck asking those questions.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

Here’s a random picture from the internet;

idk if it’s true
But it’s in a Newspaper
So it made it to print.

And if things make it to print, then the editor approved of it. Meaning that there was enough proof or Languaging in the writing to shirk liabilities and be able to hold up in court against accusations of libel. So maybe there’s some merit to it?

“How the world was conned” Sounds like a scam to me.

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