Blood Brokers flip donated blood

People donate blood to some Blood places.

And the Blood places turn around to sell that blood.

The going rate for about a Pint of Blood sells for $150 to $300.

So that blood donation could be sold off. That’s also not including the price of medical logistics or administration of the blood.

And, idk about you, but there’s a lot of fishy shit going on with toxic charities.

Chances are, the large charities are toxic too. Corporations and for-profit motives type stuff.

Also, for the Red Cross specifically, those guys will call you day and night like three times a week to get you to donate, whether they use your blood or not. They’re pretty fucking annoying, so for that sole reason, I personally wouldn’t recommend donating at all.

As some food for thought,

If they’re giving you a sticker or a tee shirt, they probably paid money for that shit.

So the cost of hiring a worker to draw your blood and pay money to give you ‘free’ swag must be shadowed by the profit model of donating the blood.

It’s a cash driven world, you trust the Health Care System to be honorable and do good? Yea right.

What’s the going price of a Blood Transfusion?

Some say even more;

Just saying.

In Closing,

Reference this previous joke article for more information;

Have a nice day.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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