Supplement Scams

Well, besides being shilled morning vitamins for an amount of some chemical that isn’t fully bioavailable or able to be used up by your system in one day.

Apparently some companies are making shit takes.

Like they’re selling supplements that don’t have nearly their advertised amount.

Not GMP certified or NSF or other shit.

Yea, so that supplement advertising that 500mg of Magnesium in a one liquid drop dose? That shit is scientifically impossible. Unless you’re straight up eating raw magnesium. Which is bad for you, because reasons.

Anyways, what I’m saying is, whatever you’re taking for vitamins, it’s probably shit if you didn’t do your research.

Hell, even the fish oil market is shit. You think you’re getting Omega 3’s or 6’s or 9’s? Chances are, not at the amount you thought you were getting.

In Closing,

Just another healthcare scam,

Where they sell you the goods, then start cutting it, then start shelling and shilling out shitty shit.

You might as well make your own plant extracts and become a homesteading cottage-core druid at this point.

If you genuinely actually care about your health.

Or, you know, just reach godhood and apotheosize for the both of us. That’d be great.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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