Here’s some Meat for thought

Like Food, but with Meat. Food for thought, no?

Did you know the majority of meats that are cured, have sugar in it as a curing additive?

So even if you eat meat, chances are, you’re eating sugar too.

That Jerky? Probably sugar.

Especially if you eat bacon, that’s a fuckton of sugar right there.

Haven’t you noticed how shitty bacon tasted in the last ten or so years? What, not old enough to remember?

Another important thing,

A lot of the meat that you have is fake as fuck.

It’s glued together with ‘meat glue’.

Yea that ‘marbling’ that you learned about from a French chef, chances are, you’re buying ‘glue’. Oh yea, look at how much Glue this one has, isn’t it nice? Yea, doubt you’re eating real Kobe or Wagyu, especially if you have time to realize the scam and be on this website.

So you’re really eating Frankenstein side cuts glued together. Might as well be eating hotdogs and sausages. It’s practically mystery meat. What, it’s a sirloin or a chuck? Ha, what proof?


The Meat nowadays are injected with ‘Vaccines’ to keep it healthy for consumption.

Yea, as if you couldn’t inject the living meat with Vaccines too.

No, the companies found a way to make cutting your meat with liquids healthy sounding. It sure sounds healthy, well, that was before the whole clown virus skepticism on Vaccines.

This has small blips, and then I just stop watching.

Adding brine and salt and sugar and water. Yummy, I like my meat to shrink when I cook it.

That spongey result from the liquid added? They just call it ‘extra tender’ and upsell it to you. Marketing gimmicks galore.

Points is, they’re just putting more water to increase the weight of your meat.

Your meat won’t even last long and it’ll brown fairly quick.

If you want my advice, not valid of course, then you should eat bone in meat.

Boneless meat isn’t really meat. And some companies are getting into a litigation scuffle about it.

Essentially chicken places may be selling chicken meat paste nuggets as boneless wings.

If you take it one step further, what part of the chicken meat is in the nuggets? How much of the nuggets are chicken?

What about them Mac Donnie Nuggies? Is that even real meat? What the fuck are they?

As Rumor has it,

The meat doesn’t even have to be labeled as lab grown anymore. Something somewhere says the FDA and shit says companies don’t have to label their meat as lab grown.

2 or so years of meat research and we’ve got lab grown meat approved for US and Singapore.

That resulted in media frenzy and a clarification saying that it had to be labeled. The label requirement is to have “cell-cultivated” or “cultured” meat, atleast the ‘Associated Press’ says. But that doesn’t mean you get to read the label when you buy it from a restaurant.


Feed The People By The People

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They got the Chicken too.

Which means the companies hiding their process no longer have to feel guilty about it. They just slap the label or keep on lying.

Restaurants are arguably selling you shitty shit. Chances are they don’t read the labels either. Only the price label.

So this is arguably going to increase the proliferation of meat alternatives disguised, repackaged, rebranded as meat.


While we’re at it,

Grass fed is a marketing gimmick

You’re telling me

Record Inflation felt by the consumers.

Everything is going up in price.

Little Debbie products got rebranded and shrunk in serving sizes. Wtf is a nutty buddy? I want the BAR.

And yet meat is relatively the same price over the last five years?

(In Bostonian Jersey Accent) Get the fuck outta here.

Point is,

Companies lie, and they’ll find a way to lie without getting into legal trouble. This is a fact for most companies.

That company that sells 100% Ground beef? That’s beef from a company named “100% Ground Beef”. This is the type of marketing schemes they run to upsell you cheaper shit.

Which, for the average consumer, doesn’t mean shit. The weak and poor get bullied. Welcome to life. When’s the last time you saw a rich person make a run to the grocery store? They have chefs that do that for them, and those chefs connect with people to buy from the source to ensure quality.

If you can- You should judge the products based on whether or not the C-Suite executives actually eat their products. They sure as fucking hell know if they’re putting out shitty products. I’m definitely talking about Burger King, but also this applies to everyone else.

In Closing,

The Meat is fake as fuck and you’re paying extra for water weight while also getting sugar and other additives and being brain washed with marketing gimmicks Like a Pimp trying to upsell you on cheap meat. Oh, is it diseased? Just cut off the bad bits and send it to market freshly processed.

Is it all meat? No. Is the statement as a generalization still true? Fuck yea.

I said what I said, and this applies to most large manufactured shit. If you want the good meat, just grab a couple of boys and go to the local butcher and split yourself a cow or some shit. It’s cheaper if you get it in bulk and more straight from the source so you have a greater degree of control. Just make sure you got the space and deep freezer for it.

I would go on about how being vegan is a scam, but it mainly boils down to Grocery Stores being a scam and most of society being full of hucksters and swindlers.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Meat, or Any Advice

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