Recently, Egg Prices are getting ludicrous in some stores in select locations. Yay. It seems to be hitting especially Kansas. But somehow trickled across to Colorado and California and some other shit states.

We went from 3 or 5 dollars a carton to nearly 16 or more. Some places are ‘allegedly’ putting security on their shit;

It’s getting Wild out here

Whether or not Inflation is artificial or a consequence of Political actions and fiscal policy from the last three years, the fact remains that shit is getting more unaffordable than it already is. I mean, wages are pretty stagnant since the 70’s, so who is willfully ignorant and buying all this price gouging shit? Are we really supporting this dumb shit?

Are eggs inflated because overall inflation is happening, or are there other reasons for egg prices to rise detached from fiscal policy?

Idk about you, but it sounds a bit crazy to relate Federal Reserve with Egg Prices, but alas everything in this world is -sadly- connected.

Here’s some prices;

Some places are charging a fuck-ton for a car-ton;

Some places aren’t affected;

Here’s some possible related theories;

Maybe, there was a bad supply of chicken feed. Specifically, Commercial Chicken feed;

Perhaps it’s the narrative that Corporations are blaming the Bird Flu for killing swathes of chickens;

Yea, a flu that killed a shit ton of birds in early 2022, are now affecting the egg prices in Early 2023. I feel like they would’ve slowly priced that in and go from $4 to $10, not like fucking $23. The creep, like why the fuck is it $20 plus? Idk fammo, sounds sus. Maybe true, or maybe there’s more to it?

Maybe people could be ganging up and gouging the market collectively. Taking opportunity at a ‘new trend’ in raising the overall price of eggs.

Perhaps the Corporations are waging war against the working class. Or maybe the Corporations are greedy;

This is undoubtably going to affect prices of baked goods and other things that use eggs.

Just like Toilet paper

There’s a bunch of fear going around about the scarcity of eggs. Resulting in people just buying an asswhack too many eggs. Some are even doing it for a joke or a picture.

Humans do what humans do, and they buy up all the eggs even if the issues surrounding the egg issue isn’t localized to their location.

So some people are actually creating artificial scarcity from their ignorance and fear.

It’s pretty retarded.

Gott bless.

If anything, this should be a slight hint at how fragile our supply chains are. But let’s ignore that in favor of more profits and stuff.

Here are the memes,

The only reason to live, is for the memes. And because this event has been making the rounds and getting viral on the internet, that means memes;

some people dealing in eggs

In Closing,

Idk about you fammo, but this seems like a great marketing tactic to both raise the prices on eggs and get people to be fearful and buy plenty of them at a high price. Seeing if possibly Toilet paper crisis of 2020 could be replicated.

I Personally never really liked grocery shopping, it was a profit modelistic enterprise that was incentivized to get people to comeback more, thus making food and shit expire at convenient cycles.

I mean, if you look at the breakthroughs in technology, we could have things like milk last up to six months after bottling. Which is a leap of time improvement from the original estimates on normal pasteurization. But of course, that wouldn’t make people come back to get more milk. We have advances in technology, duration expands, but shit still lasts about the same After Purchase. So start questioning why your shit is expiring at the same time as everything else, it’s almost like it’s intentionally synchronized.

It’s funny, because with inflation, it makes prices insanely high. Long ago, there was a panel that interviewed a rich person, and asked how much they thought a price of milk and everyday grocery items were. That Rich person guessed $20 for milk and high-balled many items. People laughed because they were out of touch with market prices. . . Well guess whose laughing now? Ha.

What should people do? Re-source their resources? Find cheaper means, shop at Trader Joe? Perhaps find alternative shops that sell similar shit? Shop at the foreign mini-marts or Asian stores? Perhaps find local co-ops and farms that you can buy direct from and support your local community instead of large corporations that try to automate their work force and issue shit standards of living and work-practices that try to siphon the local economy back to some corporate office in Manhattan?

Well, I’m sure you care about your money, so find a way that works. Life finds a way, I’m sure you will too. Probably.

No Safe Bets, afterall. I’m not gunna hold my breath for you. Sheesh

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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