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The stickiest thing you can buy and slap on to something. People will think its funny, it’ll be a great talking point about how something is a scam or regrettable. Like divorce papers, a gaming laptop, your Master PC race Battle station, A house, a car, or even a baby stroller.

Everyone at the Mini-dealership that’s owned by BMW and provides specialty maintenance on Mini Coopers will look at you in disgust. I’m saying this from experience.

It’s great.

Send in some pictures of whatever you slapped this sticker on, and we’ll share it with other regretting folks. 

Comes in three colors as of now, Black, White, and Gold.

Supplies are limited, until we decide to convert everything in the universe in to stickers and then start trading them as post-war currency. But until then, just enjoy the scarcity.

Yes, I do mean Everything.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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