Finance 101

This page is for Financial education and includes the following sections:

WTF Section where we break down what things are. Like money, stocks, stock market, IRS, and FTC, etc.

Scams Section where we discuss scams and how to help get caught in them.

For general retardation;

Here is a really shitty guide for the stock market, totally unfinished:

Stonks Lesson 1: The Advance Phystonks

Stonks Lesson 2: What do stonk do?

Supplementary reading:

WTF is a ‘long’ and a ‘short’ in stonks?

WTF is an Activist Shortseller?

WTF is Activist Investing?

WTF is Investor Activism?

Supplementary autistic reading:

Some interesting plays from bulls and bears in $GME Short Squeeze

More Interesting plays in the Game Stopping $GME war

Autistically Supplemental Autist Readings:

Vulture Capitalism, the best kind of capitalism, Deadass (Incorporate the learnings with Short Selling. This is how you short countries)

WTF is a Quant?

WTF is the SEC? Is it a Scam?

What the French Fucking toast is ROI?